Friday, November 2, 2007

Today was clear to start; well at least it was over town– nice view of the waning moon with a deep purple sky. Unfortunately by the time the sun came up it clouded over. The forecast always predicts sunny weather – it just never seems to arrive.

We have an elder sewing project at the heritage centre – which happens to be attached to the school. The ladies kindly made me a set of caribou mitts for snowmobiling. They’re very well done with wool liners. It’s cool to watch them work using traditional methods, right from working the hide to sewing with sinew thread.

I also picked up a set of seal skin mitts from a local seamstress that are more modern in craftsmanship but a very cool none the less.

There is a burgeoning carving industry here. Most people work in soapstone though Caribou antler and ivory are also prevalent media. There are some superior works available and it is possible to commission pieces if so desired.

Like many northern communities the artist will come to you if you let it be known that you are interested in buying pieces. Some of the ladies also hand sew wall hangings which are exquisite in detail - often they come by the school with their work.

Our soccer teams are going to a tournament in Kugluktuk this weekend. 40 students are participating and probably will have to miss school on Monday, as the charter can’t get them back any earlier. The Wolverines will no doubt kick butt.

Temp today is steady at 20 with an Easterly wind picking up. Windchill is at 28
Sunrise 9:24
Sunset 16:04

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