Monday, November 5, 2007

Comet Holmes

Since it was clear in C Bay last night I was able to locate Comet Holmes currently in the constellation of Perseus visually. Also used the Celestron for a better view. It is also well viewed with binoculars. Mostly a fuzzy ball with limited tail development. Also was easily able to pick out M31 – the Andromeda Nebula, which is a nice spiral galaxy and part of the Local Group and our neighbour galaxy at 2.5 million light years distant

Clear and calm is AM with a crescent moon and Venus dominating the southern sky. The wind has changed from a stiff North wind to a light breeze issuing from the West.

Skied across the bay towards the Queen Maude Gulf yesterday. Clear but strong north wind – windchill at 43. Went out the edge of the passage and then back along the sea ice following the entrance to the bay.

As the barge was still working as late as October 31 there is a passage of very thin ice leading into the bay – which I was not keen on crossing. Two tugs and 3 barges are now over wintering in the bay – tied to the wharf.

Stopped by the Arctic Wanderer, which has been tied up at the North Warning / Government dock since September. It is listing a bit to starboard and providing enough of a windbreak to develop a nice size drift around it. There was some overflow /thin ice around the area and one ski got a little wet before a retreat was necessary.

Worked on the snowmobile for most of Saturday and managed to nicely fix a problem with the recoil starter only to have the machine develop a fuel issue. Limped it back home after it died out by the airport where may become a permanent fixture.

Low of 37 tonight with a wind-chill at 47 below. May have to get out my Snow Goose parka

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