Monday, March 10, 2008

Been busy for a while with work and some other projects but I have been getting out on the weekends. The weather has been nice – low 30s to 40 but not much wind at times so travel on the ice of the Queen Maude Gulf and NW passage has been quite nice. Here some pix of some of the longer skis I’ve been doing.

Generally I head south over the peninsula and then travel along the coast. West, near the “gravel pit” there are several larger grounded bergs. The creaks and groans that they makes as the fast ice shifts can be pretty interesting as it watching some of the tension cracks open up with an associated very sharp retort or two. . It is an interesting reminder that you are skiing over deep water

One nice trip was going south onto the passage then heading east along the shipping lane and then heading back to town via the bay entrance. Along the way you end up passing numerous navigation markers – which stick up predominantly in the flat terrain. Interesting enough the North Warning site is very prominent as well and very noticeable from well out on the sea ice.

Went ice climbing on the big overhanging berg and put a very, very big split into it. The large overhanging section on the left almost cracked completely off.

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