Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sunday the 20th – tried to ski out on the bay with my 3 pin set up but a stiff north wind had the temp down to about -58 again. So had to retreat to the house add some layers and change to my alpine touring rig with neoprene overboots. Since the wind was blowing from the NW I had no choice but to head in that direction – at least if one is skiing into the wind you always know that you can get home – wind will be at your back. Went out past the “Dew Live road and then veered back along it until the travel became too difficult – due mainly to the snow scallops. Anyways very cold day and I was pleased to note that the new dual battery system kept the camera working. Had to stay completely covered so looking through the viewfinder was a bit problematic though.


chubby me said...

hi! i just sort of stumble upon yr blog. I have to make a comment on it. The scenary is fantastic. It's so beautiful!

Bonnieupnorth said...

Hope this works as just lost a previous in repulse bay and internet downloads your description of snow scallops as that indeed is the what the wind sculpted snow becomes after the to the sking found following skidoo trails are good and if you are looking for companions, you might talk to local cadet leader to see if any of the kids who are training for biathalon in Arctic Games in March want to go out.